boys read

Shared Reading

Shared reading can vary how it looks and sounds but it is interactive and shared

-songs/rhymes/stories/varied text read together involving two or more people.

* Everyone can have their own book or read from one enlarged text

* Echo reading-teacher/parent/student reads, student repeats

* Selective- each reader reads one page or one paragraph, boys/girls, half the room/other half

* Cloze- Teacher/parent pause at select words- students fill in blanks or guess what might make sense.


* Interactive, communal

* Supports a variety of reading levels allowing children to participate when they are able and increasing participation with repeated readings

* Expands vocabulary

* Enhances comprehension

* Demonstrate and practice reading skills-

Reading left to right, predicting words, story sequence, establish reading rhythm, using picture and auditory support, listen for rhyming words, recognizing and using punctuation

* Reading or singing for fun and enjoyment