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My name is Susan Pratt. This will be my 10th year at Mountaintop Elementary School and my 9th year teaching 3rd grade. (I spent one year teaching Reading Recovery.) I love everything about teaching third grade especially the enthusiasm my students bring to our classroom.




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Pictures of my family

Our two new family members, Leo and CeCe!


I graduated from Penn State University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kindergarten and Elementary Education.

I earned my Master's Equivalency in 2009.

I will always be a student

* who will continue to ask questions and seek answers

* who learns things many different ways

*who has encountered frustration and success

*who understands learning never ends!


I am a teacher whose job it is

* to set goals and work relentlessly to meet those goals; to inspire students to do the same.

* to engage and demonstrate

* to provide support and practice

* to help students meet success on a daily basis


I am a parent to 3 interesting boys (John, Corey and Dylan)

* who knows about the deep love, care and commitment a parent has for their children

* who hopes the meet the world with interest, curiosity and acceptance

* who hopes they will always have choices and will chose wisely!


I love

* spending time with my family


* music

* Scuba diving

* funny movies (laughing in general!)

* traveling

* walking

* talking with friends